Wet massage tables from Fire & Ice

Wet massage - massage tables

Massages are used as a therapy not only for physical well-being, but also for psychological well-being. The relaxing application is effective against stress, nervousness, anxiety and listlessness. After the massage, you feel liberated and at the same time reborn. It is important to choose the right massage table.

The skilful touches create mental and physical harmony. There are many different forms of massage, such as soap brush massages, hot stone, body wraps to wrap showers and Ayurveda treatments - pampering comes first here.

The wet massage tables from Fire & Ice lead to mental and physical harmony. There are many different types of massage, such as classic massage or reflexology.

Rapid operational readiness

The wet massage table from Fire & Ice consists of a fibreglass body and a lying surface made of natural stone. The fibreglass blank is made in sandwich construction and its surface can be prepared for tiling. Whether oval or square - the shape is up to you, as is the colour design. The drains are already integrated into the lying surface. Installation material is also available through Fire & Ice. The carcass and the lying surface are delivered ready for assembly and can be set up ready for use immediately after delivery.

✔ Generous, heatable lying surface
✔ easy to get on and off due to lifting and lowering function
✔ Lifting and lowering function enables
back-friendly work
✔ simple operation
✔ hygienic and easy to clean

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Ayurveda couches

The Fire & Ice Wellness Ayurveda massage table is the king among the soap foam tables. It convinces with its innovative design and versatile functionality. The word Ayurveda comes from the ancient Indian high culture: "Ayur" = "long life" and "Veda" = "knowledge""; it therefore means the doctrine of a long (and healthy) life. The aim of Ayurveda is to re-harmonise energies that have become out of balance, so that body and soul remain healthy and the quality of life increases.

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3-in-1 Multifunctional Massage Table

This massage table combines the wet massage table with the conventional couch and the Dry Float / Softpack. Its special design makes it very space-saving and gives the therapist the freedom he needs for the treatment. Despite its space-saving features, the Fire & Ice Ayurveda couch scores with highest functionality. It is height-adjustable and the waterbed mattress forms the heatable base for the guest's well-being. Thanks to its soft texture, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the customer's body and thus promotes deep relaxation of the mind and muscles.

Nassmassagetische von Fire & Ice

The lounger is multifunctional thanks to the hand shower, the oil drain at the head end and the water drain. Foam massages, brush massages, peelings, oil massages and body wraps. Any application can be carried out with this lounger.
The surface is quick and easy to clean. Another plus point when several guests are still waiting for their personal massage on the multifunction couch from Fire & Ice in front of the therapy and relaxation area.

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