Drinking Fountain in Fire & Ice Design

Drinking fountain with GROHE Blue®

The simple design of these drinking fountains fits in every spa, gym, shopping centre or office. With the elegant design, you set accents! The drinking fountain is made of solid surface material, which in turn consists of natural minerals and acrylic resin.

The material has no pores, which makes the basin very impact-resistant, stable and easy to clean. The elegant surface also has high hygienic properties.

With the GROHE Blue® water system, you can turn your drinking fountain into a mountain spring. The simple tap water, properly filtered, tastes fresh and natural.

Refreshing water

Do you prefer to drink sparkling water? No problem either - GROHE supplies it directly to you with this fitting.

You can choose between three types of water at any time: still, medium or sparkling. It is always cool, fresh and free of all impurities. Precious minerals, however, are preserved.

You prefer fresh, still water? Nothing could be simpler." GROHE Blue

Carbonated - but not too much? More medium? Sure thing." GROHE Blue

Or lively bubbling water, with lots of bubbles?" GROHE Blue

Help protect the environment!

Did you know that 7 (seven!) litres of water are needed to produce one litre of mineral water? Add to that energy consumption and CO2 emissions. If you produce mineral water yourself, you help mankind to save precious resources.

Drinking Fountain by Fire & Ice Design

With GROHE Blue, you'll never have to carry heavy water boxes and dispose of empties again - from now on, you'll always have tasty, healthy and sparkling water on hand.

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